Sustainable, Local Gastronomy

"Let's close the gap between farm and table while promoting INDIVIDUAL and GLOBAL health."

-Jason Michael Thomas.

Chef, Urban Farmer, Sustainability Educator

  • "Jason is an amazing chef! What he does is extremely unique-- He provides this 100% local food experience that is at the same time very educational. We had a five course meal, and the food and atmosphere were just magical. Everything was perfect."


  • "Dining with Jason was the most decadent culinary experience of a lifetime.

    The experience is worth every penny and more and I cannot wait to do it again."


  • Experiencing a private dinner with Jason and his team is truly that, an experience.

    He gave us a tour of his urban farm while picking the ingredients to be cooked in our meal right there and then.

    This a must for every "Foodie."


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