Raised in northern Indiana, Jason has always had a love for good food.

He started in the food industry at 15, working at The South Bend Country Club as a busboy, and working his way to up to grill cook before he was at The University of Notre Dame.

He credits his study of gastronomy and wines when he lived in France for opening his eyes to the disparity inherent in the industrial food system. In an effort to close the gap between farm and table he created Urban Awareness Gardens in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.

A longtime supporter of the sustainable food movement and regenerative agriculture, he sources and forages any produce and protein he does not already grow from local purveyors.

In fact, every event features elegantly prepared dishes made with ingredients he planted and harvested himself —  60 different kinds of heirloom tomatoes, heirloom peppers, beans and squash, numerous kales and cabbages, berries, 25 different fruit trees, and much more!  

He uses his television appearances and social media presence to educate and promote a healthy lifestyle by reconnecting people to nature through the most intentionally grown foods around us.