Collection: JMT CSA Subscription & Delivery Service

Say goodbye to bland grocery store produce and hello to farm-to-door freshness!

Our CSA boxes bring the best local, regenerative goodness straight to your table.

How many of you are…
Busy parents?
Have demanding careers?
Don't have time to go to the farmers markets?
But wish there was a convenient and trustworthy food service that took the guesswork out of eating healthy and supporting local. 😩
I did the work so you don’t have to! 
I’ve spent the past decade researching and vetting local farmers and producers in Indiana. 
Our need for high-quality nourishment and the need of our local communities for support was the inspiration to create this CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Food Delivery service.
 Here's what you get when you subscribe: 
⭐ The highest quality food money can buy. 
Think fresh & seasonal produce, grass-fed and pasture-raised proteins, organic sourdoughs, local milk, jams, cheeses, and more!
⭐ Delivery right to your door.
You sign up once and then forget about it. Your package will arrive every weekend like magic. 
⭐ Easy weekly recipes. 
⭐ The reassurance that you are supporting your local economy and numerous small businesses all at once. 
⭐ The knowledge that you are ALSO supporting the environment by voting for producers who practice regenerative agriculture. 
⭐ The feeling of knowing you have bolstered our local food security. 
This is the easiest way to eat well and support your local farmers and producers this winter. 🍅🌽🥕


**FREE SHIPPING! Delivery fees are already included in the pricing.**