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The JMT Contact-Free Online Market

Jason Michael Thomas and Urban Awareness Gardens have a drive-up & contact-free farm stand at his historic farm downtown Indianapolis.

The Farm Stand is open daily for pick up by appointment at 1645 Central Avenue.

Please continue to vote with your dollars and help our local economy, our local farmers, and our local food establishments.

We kindly ask you to PRE-ORDER. It reduces waste and helps us to prepare only what is ordered.

Jason is delighted to continue serving his happy clients who delight in his long-fermented high-hydration sourdough bread made with 100% local and organic flour.

Don't forget you can book your cozy family-style outdoor party, a formal indoor tasting menu or anything in between! If you haven't booked yours yet we still have dates available for any party, any size, any occasion!  Contact me by email through website or give us a call at 1-888-536-0527 to make your reservation.



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